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Ladies Garments

Including works from college, and professional practice

Sydney Theatre Comapny



Costume work while employed at Sydney Theatre Comapny, Sydney Australia 2010-2011

Draping Exercise 2007

Built on foundation garments made in first year of college, the brief was to adapt, or re-create a bustle dress from the 1870's in calico. Using only small amounts of colour if desired.

Undergarments: First year Victorian corset, and

bustle, calico petticoat

Dress:  Calico, pale blue cotton,with hand printed William Morris motif, blue polyester ribbon, blue bias binding, blue chord, hand made tassels, small lead weights, hook and bar fastenings, wooden beads, embroidery yarn, small metal coloured buttons

Tudor Costume: The Wives of Henry the VIII; Anne of Cleeves 2007

Built on a Tudor dress construction, adapted to fit individual designs as much as allowable.


Underpinnings: Spanish farthingale, petticoat of water weave taffeta

Dress/ headdress: Heavily boned bodice, upholstery velvet backed onto cotton drill, water weave taffeta lining, cotton, gold polyester, hand embroidered embellishments on bodice and headdress, crystal organza, gold chain beads, two sizes of faux pearls.


Jewellery: Modelled in Kleen Clay, and cast in plastic. Finished with model paints, gold leaf, and coloured plastic beads

Underpinnings 2006


Victorian Corset and bustle and a Tudor corset with, biscuit pad, hip roll and petticoat. Made to TAFE project specifications.


Embroidery motifs are inspired by William Morris designs



Small Projects



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