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TAFE Diploma of Theatre  Costume, Final year integrated project 2009

Dr Who - "The end of the World", series one episode two

Awarded the Mary Ellen Roberts Memorial Trust Fund 

Dr Who

Dr Who costume: Jabe

With this costume I wanted to re-design the the character. While keeping some of the original costume elements. I felt Jabe held a regal/ diplomatic position, and as she is the Ambassador of the Forest of Cheem , I wanted her dress to reference her origins more than the original design does. She is a strong character but is always elegant., 

Modeled by: Tiffany Chow

Jacket: Made of  patterned leather, collar lined with metallic pewter leather

Dress: Hand pleated silk 

Petticoat: Dyed silk dupion, and netting, on cotton, roped hem

Appliance: Foam latex prosthesis, paint, fake foliage and moss

Dr Who Costume: Jabe
Making Jabe

Designs, and Construction process images


Dr Who Costume: Lute

The aim with Lute was to re-create the look of original costume as closely as possible, using the materials available to me.

The colour way was changed from gold to silver, to better suit the fabric that was found for the jacket.

The bottom was made as a pair of Japanese hakama, which i felt would better suit the tabi to be worn, and make it more of a warrior style, in place of a skirt.

Modeled by: Masis Agopyan

Jacket: Cotton with metallic brocade, Tailors canvas, heavily stiffened millinery felt, plastic boning, polyester lining

Ruff: Black netting, wire

Hakama (pants): Pleated polyester backed onto cotton drill

Armour:  Carved PE foam, fiberglass, car bog, spray paint, plastic clips, metal gate hinges, metal pegs

Applaince: Foam latex prosthesis, paint  fake foliage and moss

Dr Who Costume: Lute

​​Making Lute
Costume and Armour Making Process


Making the prosthetic foam latex head pieces at Odd Studios, Sydney, Australia. 

Dance Wear

Classical Tutu 2006

Modeld by: Sofia

Tutu: Cream silk dupion backed onto cotton drill, plastic boning, stiff tutu tulle, net, embroidered net panels, glass seed and bugle beads, swarovski cyrstals, elastic, hook and bar fastenings

Head Piece: Made later, of lace stiffened with PVA glue, glass seed and bugle beads, and swarovski crystals


Rio Dress 2006

Dress: Yellow, orange, and red cotton, backed onto yellow drill on the skirt. Embellished with strung sequins on edges of frills, and gold "coin" sequins

Headdress: Made by third year theatrical millinery students 

Minstral 2007

Lycra: Black, White, and green lycra, white cotton bib. Lino printed herald on white cotton

Hat: Made by third year theatrical millinery students





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