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National Dance Company Wales


Alternative Routes' Collaboration, 'They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem' 


'They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem' 2013

Choreographer, Lee Johnston, and lighting designer, Joe Fletcher, have recomposed existing forms of choreography, lighting and costume design to create this duet which explores dislocation and separation within a relationship. Elements from classic love stories, famous dance partnerships, and traditional theatre lighting are all present within the work but have been reconfigured and updated into a contemporary interpretation. The source material was specifically chosen from popular culture, material that we all carry unknowingly, so that an interplay between memory and the present add to the experience of the observer and serves to emphasise the theme of dislocation.


Performed by Natalie Corne & Matteo Marfoglia
Costumes by Zepur Agopyan
Music by Max Richter

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